The arrangements played by the Makanda Project, written by John Kordalewski, are available for purchase.

Each arrangement includes a score and parts for 13 instruments:
2 alto saxophones
2 tenor saxophones
1 baritone saxophone
2 trumpets
2 trombones
1 voice
1 piano
1 bass
1 drums
The arrangements can be adapted to different instrumentations.

The price per arrangement is $50 USD plus shipping and handling, unless otherwise noted. To place an order, or to inquire further about the arrangements, email Payment can be made via PayPal; once an order is made, an invoice will be sent via email.

The following arrangements are currently available. Others can be made available upon request.

After Thoughts (ballad)

All of a Sudden (medium tempo, funk beat)

Autumn Fest ($40) (calypso)

Break It Up (medium tempo bebop)

Caribe ($40) (7/4 calypso; melody for flutes) On YouTube

Chuckles (medium tempo, time signature changes)

Escalator (medium tempo, time signature changes)

Finding Dreams (medium tempo swing)

It Takes a While (up tempo swing)

Lickety Split (8 bar blues in 7/4)
Limbo (calypso)

Love Strokes ($40) (ballad)

New World (ballad, melody for flute or soprano voice)

Playtime (medium tempo 6/8)

Seeing Autumn (ballad, with lyrics by Cyril Chapman) On YouTube

Sauntering ($40) (medium tempo 5/4, melody for flutes)

Struttin’ (medium tempo swing)

Suspended (medium tempo swing, melody for flutes)

The Gorgeous Ones (medium tempo swing)

Well I See (swing, 3 different tempos) On YouTube

You Know What? (slow blues plus Afro-Cuban 6/8 section) On YouTube

It is also possible to purchase lead sheets and arrangements written by Makanda Ken McIntyre through the Makanda Ken McIntyre website.

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